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Zenica is an independent theatre project that began to take shape in 2012 and has been released in June 2016 in Madrid and in Malaga. It has been selected by the MaF Málaga Festival (the anteroom of the Malaga Festival of Spanish Cinema) for its 2017 programming, when it has been represented in La Cochera Cabaret theatre. During December 2018 and January 2019, Zenica has been in two theatres in Madrid: El Umbral de Primavera (Lavapiés) and Azarte (Chueca), respectively. In October 2019 the company made its firts international tour representing 4 shows of the work at The Latin American House in Brussels.

The publisher Libros.com has published the book of the play in January 2020.








Title: Zenica

Theater company: SidesOut

Spain: España

City: Madrid

Direction: Sara G. Cortijo

Text: Sara G. Cortijo

Genre: Dramatic

Duration: 50 minutes 



A fiction that was born from reality. A true story that speaks about the need to burn stages, the paranoia that provoke feeding from the ashes and from the fear that empty causes trough everyday life and the complicated relationship of two lost souls.



Davor – Agustín Cascón

Aska – Sara G. Cortijo


Projections and sound: Sergio Sánchez

Lighting: Bárbara Starck

Scenography: Vitamina Workroom

Costume: Flamingos Vintage Kilo Málaga

Photography: Marga Bellido / Marta O Nilsson / Yolanda Riquelme

Video: Pedro Terrero / Luis M. Carceller / Alejandro Granja

Casting: Pedro Terrero / Jon Rivero / Alejandro Granja / Sara G. Cortijo

Press:  SidesOut Comunicación



Zenica team: Agus Cascón, Sara G. Cortijo and Sergio Sánchez (from left to right)

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Zenica   Zenica

Agustín Cascón

Agustín Cascón is technical superior in Animation of Physical Activities and Sports. Currently, he is studying Interpretation in 32 Historias Escuela de Cine in Malaga. He belong to theater company responsible of representing Passion of Christ in Casarabonela (Malaga) for more than 9 years. As well, he is part of the theatre company of the Salvador Rueda highschool in Malaga for 3 years. He has worked for different televisions and modeling agencies at national and international level, participating in the spot for the World Cup of 2022 (shot in Qatar), another one for Transmediterranea, in several Cruzcampo ads or in the spot of the 25th anniversary of Antena 3 Spanish television. He has also participated in several short film as “Subliminal”, “Cristi”, “Miss Suicide” or “La noche de San Juan”.



_DSC0158 (1) Chacona

Sara G. Cortijo

Sara G. Cortijo studied Textual Interpretation in the ESAD (upper school of Dramatic Art) of Malaga. Afterwards, she has formed part of the theater school Triangle (in Madrid), Azarte (in Madrid), where she premiered “Caricias” de Sergi Belbel, and lately she is doing contemporary dance in the company of Ximena Carneval (Malaga). She has also participated in several audiovisual projects like the short film “El chiste del ascensor”, “Solo quiero conocerte” or the Mars Music Academy spot. She has participated in several perfomances at the Center Pompidou of Malaga as “Chacona”, of La Phármaco company or “Blank Pacard Dance”, organized by the artist Anne Collod and in others creative spaces such as La Azotea de Mármoles (Malaga) where she premiered the postmodern theater piece “La Acampada”.

Zenica is the first creation of Sara G. Cortijo as author and director.


Theatre Company trajectory

Zenica is the first work of the company SidesOut, which was founded in 2012.

In its incessant search of the aspects that are left out, in June 2016 the company has released in Madrid and in Malaga this theatre project whose essence it`s independence, from the origin until its representation that took place in a hairdresser of the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés (L`Átelier de Lavapiés), in a creative roof-space of Malaga (La Azotea de Mármoles) and in a second hand clothing store (Flamingos Vintage Kilo Málaga) propitiating the dissemination of culture in the true nerve centers of the cities: the neighborhoods.

The hallmark of this company is the search for ideas and projects that escape from generalities specifying them also in an alternative way. At the time of its production we resort to the closest talent and the most independent. That is why the result became a work full of personality, feeling and truth. Zenica has been selected by the Maf – Málaga de Festival for its programming of 2017 where it has been represented in La Cochera Cabaret theatre inside of the activities programmed by the Festival anteroom Malaga Festival of Spanish Cinema
Currently, the company finds working on his second project: “The vacuum also takes its place”.  


Press kit:



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Zenica - Diario Sur

Zenica - MúsicaMálaga

La Opinión Málaga - Zenica


Carpe Diem - Zenica


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Zenica - Malaka



Contact information:

Phone: (0034) 665098232

Email: contacto@sidesout.com

Facebook: @ZenicaObradeteatro

Twitter: @Zenica_Teatro









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